Secretary of State Michele Reagan: A Pattern of Failure

Michele Reagan (not related to Ronald Reagan) has demonstrated a pattern of failure while serving as Arizona Secretary of State. Her long list of problems include neglecting to provide adequate polling places for voters leading to chaos during the Presidential Preference Election, wasting more than $1 million of taxpayer money on a website that does not function properly and failing to send legally mandated information pamphlets to hundreds of thousands of voters prior to a state-wide special election. No wonder our Republican Attorney General called her “incompetent”.

Reagan Paves the Way for Illegal Immigrants to Vote

Last year, Michele Reagan was sued by liberal Democrats seeking to overturn Arizona’s documentary proof of citizenship requirement to register to vote in our Federal elections. (LULAC v. Reagan) In June, 2018, when Reagan settled the case, she gave in to every liberal demand, making it possible for people to register to vote without producing documentary proof of citizenship. Instead of fighting to uphold the law that Arizona voters passed in Proposition 200, Reagan undermined the integrity of our elections by making it possible for non-citizens to register using the Arizona State voter registration form.


See the (Wasted) Money

Michele Reagan's pet project, the “See the Money” website, is a complete waste. The website Reagan describes as “awesome” is supposed to provide information about campaign contributions and donors, however, it replicates information available already available and does not function properly. The website was over budget, behind schedule and one of many examples of Reagan's lack of leadership.

Some disappointing facts about the website:

Arizona Attorney General Labels Secretary Reagan 'Incompetent'

Prior to the 2016 Special Election for Proposition 123 and 124, the Secretary of State's office failed to send information pamphlets to over 200,000 households! To make matters worse, Prop 123 was passed by a narrow margin and Reagan's failure could have impacted the outcome.

Even worse than the negligence displayed by her administration, Reagan attempted to cover up the error by failing to notify the public or the affected voters, when she became aware of the mistake. Instead, she and her staff kept quiet until questioned about the error. Then Reagan falsely blamed vendors for the problem. Not one person in the Secretary of State's office was held accountable for the error.

This problem was so serious, the Republican Attorney General investigated her for a violation of criminal law. After reviewing Reagan’s role in this failure, the Attorney General concluded that her actions were not criminal, just incompetent.

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